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The content in Diseases and Case Studies is intended to serve in an emergency when there is no medical help available. Please do not try to treat your pet on your own unless you are a Veterinary Doctor.

Cat Illnesses and Symptoms: Cold, Eye Infection and Corneal Opacity in Cats

Cold is a common problem with kitties. The usual signs are as in humans: running nose, sniffles, watery eyes and sometimes, but not always, sneezing. After a while the nose will be stopped, and with no sense of smell, the kitty will stop eating even though she is hungry. The disease must not be taken lightly especially if the eyes are affected as well.

Cheetah's eyes were cured by topical application of Chloromycetin Aplicaps. Bagheera continued to grow worse. They were both suffering from congestion and had trouble breathing. Nostrils blocked, eyes watery, they were a pathetic sight alright.

 Cat Illnesses and Symptoms: cold and eye infection-1

I did not delay in taking them to Moitri after making sure Dr. Sourav Banerjee would be there. He prescribed Azithral (Azithromycin) for Cheetah, whose chest condition was worse than Bagheera's, 0.5 ml once daily for seven days.

Bagheera was given Sporidex (also called Cefalexin), five drops thrice daily for seven days. His eyes were worse than his chest.

Both patients were administered with Milflox (moxifloxacin hydrochloride ophthalmic solution) one drop in each eye four times daily for ten days and Bagheera was given Predmet (prednisolone acetate ophthalmic suspension)in addition, for thirty days in progessively reducing dosage (one drop in each eye four times daily for the first ten days, then thrice daily and then once).

We were to report after seven days. Unfortunately, because of the Mahamichhil (literally: great procession) called by a leading political party, that could not be done. We contacted the doctor over phone, and the next visit was postponed for a week. The check up is due tomorrow (September 08, 2008). And one more thing, if you find them unable to breathe through their nostrils, which you will, do administer one or two drops of saline nasal drop from time to time.

Bagheera's condition was special, since he also had CORNEAL OPACITY, possibly from some kind of injury. The only visible sign is a whitish spot in the eye. Predmet helps in eliminating the problem over time. As in the case of seizures the treatment is too complex for non medical persons. Suffice it to say that if your cat shows watery eyes with a white spot - however small that might be - it is best to rush him to a doctor immediately.

Cheetah and Bagheera were about two months old when the medication described above was prescribed; they weighed 600 gm and 650 gm respectively.

 Cat Illnesses and Symptoms: cold and eye infection-2Cat Illnesses and Symptoms: cold and eye infection-3

Cat Illnesses and Symptoms: Injury and Infection in Cats

Injury is a commonplace among outdoor cats. If the cat is your pet, you might have some luck handling him, but treating a stray is difficult. Fortunately or unfortunately, when the injury is severe, they are too weak to protest, and may be grabbed by the scruff of the neck and put into a basket and carried home for treatment. We have done this several times, not always with a happy ending, because oftentimes the infection has spread too far to be healed.

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