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100 Healthy Snacks to Lose Weight

Category : Diet Jul 27th, 2012

Healthy Snacks to Lose Weight – sounds impossible, right?

Snacks are supposed to be tasty to the point of being addictive, and downright unhealthy. When I learned of these so called healthy snacks, I was skeptical, but the video was so enticing, that I had to try at least one. You do just that, and you will be hooked, as I am!

These one hundred recipes for Healthy Raw Snacks And Treats are prepared with “raw and living” ingredients. They do not require cooking. That’s the best part, I suppose, right after the delectable taste. The ingredients are derived almost hundred percent from fruits, nuts, honey and other similar really healthy stuff that substitutes sugar, flour, eggs and butter. Not that the last three are bad for health, but certainly, if you are terribly overweight, those are not what you would want to eat all through the week.

The cooking process is a little difficult I must say. Try and follow the instructions here:

1. Gather the required ingredients in specified quantity.
2. Throw them in the blender.
3. Pour the finger licking result in a suitable container to consume!

Jokes and oversimplification apart, the process is really that simple. There is no cooking in the conventional sense.

These healthy snacks to lose weight will not weigh you down with kitchen time.

Healthy Snacks to Lose Weight

You will have to take the trouble to put the blended stuff in the fridge in some cases before you eat or serve, but that’s a bit of trouble I don’t mind taking. The other good news is that after you are done ‘cooking’, there is practically no mess to clean up. If only everything in life were this simple…

I suggest you watch the video, because that is what prompted me to try out these healthy snacks to lose weight in the first place. You have nothing to lose but unnecessary weight. Sounds cliched, I know, but true. There are more than enough recipes like Cherry Choco Cookies, Lemon Bar, Coconut Fudge Bars and Chocolate Gogi, to keep yourself and your family snacking with amazing variety for a long long time. These no-cook, no-bake, simply blend low carb snacks are delicious as they are healthy. If you think I am exaggerating, watch the video and take a trip to health snack land!

100 Healthy Snacks to Lose Weight

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